Monday, 18 April 2016

Evaluation Question 4

  • How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
To answer this question I have created two Stupeflix videos displaying what media technologies I have used and how they have helped me. Overall the availability of new media technologies to me has allowed me to create realistic productions and have allowed me to present my research planning evaluation and productions all in the same place in modern format.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Evaluation Question 3

  • What have you learnt from your audience feedback? 
 I have recorded a Soundcloud directly answering this particualr question. I have spoken in detail about each production and the improvements I made as a result of audience feedback. Something that I didn't mention in the recording is that when asked 9/10 of my audience said they would recommend I Miss You to a friend some of them saying that they already have, The reactions from my audience were mainly all positive and were the reactions I was aiming to receive from my film. Below I have created a Powtoon to present a selection of the responses I recieved from my open questionnaire. As it was an open questionnaire I was unable to include every response I recieved as all of them were different however, most of them had similar responses and opinions just worded differently. Due to this I have included the responses that were present the most.
After gathering the answers to my closed questionnaire I have created pie charts to illustrate the answers I received. I have presented the pie charts in a Slideshare in order to allow you to see the response to each question all in one place.

Below I have included the audience feedback I received from the first draft of my short film, I Miss You

I have also embedded the audience feedback I received from my second draft of my film below for you to see.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Evaluation Question 2

  • How effective is the combination of your main product and your ancillary task?
In order to answer this question effectively I have created a presentation using Emaze discussing all of the factors I believe are important when considering the effectiveness of the combination of my main product and my ancillary tasks.

Below I have embedded the video to the Mount Dew advert I refer to during my presentation in order to allow you to see exactly what I was referring to whist discussing synergy and how successfully it words in this instance.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Evaluation Question 1

  • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

  • In the video when referring to the different theories I am in fact referring to Vladimir Propp character theory and Tsyvetan Todorov narrative theory. Something that I also forgot to mention during the video is that the use of music to help tell the narrative of a short film is a typical convention one that i decided to stick with as I believe it works extremely effectively.
    Below I have discussed a few more theories I believe I have developed and used when producing my short film as well as comparing my film poster and review against the style models I used. I have also discussed in more detail my decision to go against typical conventions of a love genre film poster.
    Within the SlideBoom I have briefly written about how character and narrative theory apply to my film, due to talking about in detail during my video I haven't written about it in a great amount of detail as I would just be repeating myself however, I thought it may help to visually be able to see the connection between my film and the theories.

    Below I have included a link to the two short films I spoke about during my video. Both short films have been nominated for awards showing the true success of the film.


    The Long Distance Relationship

    Friday, 8 April 2016

    Open Questionnaire (Audience Feedback Evalutation Part 3)

    Create your own user feedback survey

    Closed Questionnaire (Audience Feedback Evaluation Part 3)

    In order to see questionnaire please click on blog post.
    Create your own user feedback survey

    Wednesday, 6 April 2016

    Editing the Final Scene

    Audience Feedback

    After making the improvements suggested to me by my target audience from my first draft I decided to show my second draft to a small group of individuals. Below I have included a videoed response to my second draft asking them what worked well and what could be improved.

    Friday, 1 April 2016

    Editing Draft 1

    Taking into account my audience feedback I have begun edit the final cut of my film. I am planning on adding in a few extra clips as well as replacing a couple clips that there was issues with. The improvements include:
    • A re-filmed version of the first text message scene between Imogen and Mason
    • A clip of Imogen walking onto the bridge where the lock is
    • Added in scene 6 along with a text message scene between Imogen and her friend Sophie about Mason finding someone new
    • A clip of Imogen pinning her suicide note onto her mirror
    • Added in a final scene, scene 7 where Imogen receives a text from Mason after she's took her life.
    • Ensured the music ends on a soft note rather than ending quite abruptly

    Wednesday, 30 March 2016

    Re-Filming Scenes Part 2

    Since my audience feedback mentioned a few texting errors I have headed out with Olivia today in order to re-film these scenes I have also recorded scene 7 a scene that I have just recently added as a few of my audience feedback forms mentioned that they thought the ending could end a bit differently.

    Monday, 21 March 2016

    Target Audience Feedback

    In order to help me develop my short film further I asked 3 members of my target audience and 1 member of my secondary target audience to watch my short film and write down at least one positive point and one negative. After gathering all of their comments I then put them into a Visme to present the data. I am now planning on taking the feedback I have received and improving my short film in order for it to be as realistic as possible.

    Friday, 18 March 2016

    First draft of I Miss You

    Having finished all of the filming and editing process I have uploaded the first draft of I Miss You to YouTube and have noticed a couple of errors that need to be fixed for example, during the first scene whist Imogen is texting Mason she types like instead of live. Due to this I plan on re-filming this scene however before I do I am planning on getting feedback from members of my target audience in order to help me develop my film further and to it's best potential in order to engage my audience.

    Tuesday, 8 March 2016

    Re-Filming Scenes

    From editing the first cut of my film and watching it through I have noticed that at one point in the film in scene 6, the one I have just recently re-filmed Olivia is wearing different clothing to what she is in the rest of the film. This is a major issue as the main body of the film was meant to be set on the same day as she is reliving moments Imogen and Mason spent with one another because of this I have been in contact with Olivia and we are going to head out tomorrow in order to re-film the scene again.

    Thursday, 3 March 2016

    Problems with Editing

    I am currently in the process of editing all of the scenes together using IMovie however I have encountered a few issues, these being that IMovie is very slow and jumpy meaning its difficult to tell if each scene runs smoothly one after the other. It is also proving difficult to actually cut each piece of footage down as I am sometimes unable to see clearly at what point I have cut it however, I am working on trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    Tuesday, 23 February 2016

    Day 4 of Filming

    Potentially the final day of filming depending on how the final cut of the film turns out. After looking my current cut of the film I noticed a few thing that could be improved. First of all I re-filmed scene 6 as this was the scene that hadn't recorded. I then re-recorded the beginning part of scene 5 where Imogen is walking down the stairs as when looking back at the footage I noticed that the tripod wasn't perfectly straight as I was recording on a hill. When I get back to sixth form I plan on making a first cut of the film so that I can then get feedback of my target audience and improve it further.

    Friday, 19 February 2016

    Poster Progression

    I have composed a Kizoa video of the progression of my poster progress for my film in order to demonstrate each step that I went through whist composing my poster. I also ensured that I looked at authentic film posters whist I was producing my own in order to make it look at realistic as possible.

    Final Poster

    Below is the final draft of my poster. I have made a few changes from my previous draft by adding in the background image of the street and using the drop shadow effect and the outer glow effect on the actors names and the tag line in order to make them stand out a little bit more against the background.

    Overall, I am extremely please with how my poster has turned out as I believe the mise-en-scene is perfect and the contrast between the black and white background and the coloured main image really allows the image to stand out catching the audiences attention.

    Wednesday, 17 February 2016

    Film Poster Draft 3

    Something I most enjoyed doing whist producing this part of my poster was playing around with the different features in Photoshop and learning how to use ones I had never used before effectively. One thing I definitely need to change about my poster is the background image as I am going to be unable to see the mise-en-scene of the whole poster. I plan on adding this in within the next few days to see if it effects any aspects of my poster such as the font colour or size.
    Powered by emaze

    Problem with Filming

    After being out filming and coming back to edit the scenes together it came to my attention that I have been using the camera incorrectly during this particular filming session. I was unaware that the camera was already recording so when I was pressing the record button to begin filming the scene I was actually stopping the recording. this issue has set me back a little bit with my time scale however I am currently arranging another day with the actor to re-film the scenes.

    Sunday, 14 February 2016

    Manipulating Image

    Learning how to use the different adjustment features on Photoshop has definitely been a highlighting moment for me throughout the course. As you can see in the presentation below I made the decision to edit the two background pictures as separate layers. This meant I had to go back to the location where the photo shoot had took place in order to take pictures of the setting itself. Once I had done this and finished editing both images I simply placed the coloured image on top of the black and white one. My idea to do this stemmed from the ending of the film where Imogen takes her own life because of this I wanted to represent her leaving the earth in the film poster in order to catch the audiences attention which could then lead onto them wanting to watch the film.

    Film Poster Draft 2

    Below I have uploaded a presentation of the progress of my poster. Something that I found quite difficult to do was drawing the line underneath the title as I was originally using the mouse on the computer because this was proving to be such an issue I used a graphic table in order to draw the line free hand then uploaded it onto my account.

    Saturday, 6 February 2016

    Film Poster Draft 1

    Starting my poster after a couple weeks of planning and research has been quite exciting I have been working closely alongside a style model film poster for the film Dear John ensuring that all the key features are in a similar place in order to make my poster look authentic.